Hosting panels are software’s that help customers use their hosting accounts with ease. The web hosting industry has some of the most popular panels that are used by millions of internet users. Choosing the right panel for your web hosting business from several popular tools is difficult. But let me share my experience using them while I was leading a Systems Engineering Team in my previous company.

Top 3 web hosting panels offered by hosting companies

cPanel – It’s the most simple and easy-to-use hosting panel currently in the market. It comes with loaded features. It’s quick to load and features are self explanatory. The best part is that they have a very active community who will guide and help you with any query that you have. I love being part of cPanel community and help in the way I can. Also, their support is quick and helpful. The panel works seamlessly on Linux and is the best-rated hosting panel for Linux-based hosting. cPanel Community

Plesk – Plesk works on both Linux & Windows, making it the most used web hosting panel. It has a better GUI than cPanel and it has a feeling of Windows OS interface. The best part is that it supports Docker containerization and is geared for the future. The panel also supports both Nginx as well as Apache webservers. Though the panel works on both Linux and Windows, its best when used on Windows OS. So if I am going with a windows server then I would definitely go with Plesk. Plesk Community

Currently the same company owns cPanel and Plesk – Oakley Capital Limited

DirectAdmin – Its a lightweight panel and has a clean interface. Compared to cPanel/Plesk, it isn’t that feature-rich but comes with most features that are needed for a web hosting user. Its would take some time to get used to the interface and its features. But everything that comes with the panel works well. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to cPanel/Plesk for your Linux environment then DirectAdmin is the panel to look for. DirectAdmin Community


All these 3 panels are market leaders and have simple and easy integrations with billing automation tools like WHMCS, ClientExec, HostBill & Blesta. So ranking them is difficult. Depending on your usecase choose the hosting panel that best fits your need.

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By Liz Mathew

Founder, InsightDials

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