Metrics are key indicators that help businesses measure their performance and track progress towards their goals. They provide valuable insights into areas such as revenue, customer behavior, marketing effectiveness, and operational efficiency. Metrics help organizations make informed decisions, identify opportunities for improvement, and optimize their strategies. It is important to choose the right metrics to track, as they can greatly impact the success of your business. By understanding the metric facts and regularly monitoring their performance, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term success.

Discover the insights and knowledge behind popular business metrics that every subscription business needs to track and monitor, at InsightDials Metric Facts. Keep reading to expand your understanding of these crucial metrics.


Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Metric Facts

Monthly recurring revenue(MRR) is the predictable revenue that helps in budgeting and planning your future activities. It helps in deciding if you can hire more business development executives; run a lead generation campaign; which customers are likely to churn, etc.  

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Accounts Receivable (AR)

Metric Facts

Accounts Receivable is the amount of money your customers owe your company for the goods and services purchased. It is the lifeblood of your cash flow. Regular tracking and follow-up of your AR help maximize cash flow and identify potential bad debts.  

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Churn Rate

Metric Facts

Churn Rate is the rate at which customers are leaving your organization. It is similar to a leaky bucket. You struggle to fill the bucket with new customers not knowing that existing ones are leaking out and the bucket never gets filled. Hence, churn is a very scary metric, which suppresses growth and affects other metrics like customer retention, customer lifetime value, etc.  Read more on Churn facts, ideal churn rates, and benefits: InsightDials METRIC FACTS.

Average Revenue Per User(ARPU)

Metric Facts

ARPU is the average revenue generated by each active user of your business over a given period of time. It can provide valuable insights into the overall health and profitability of your business. A higher ARPU value indicates that a business is effectively monetizing its user base, while a lower ARPU may indicate a need for improvement in pricing or user engagement strategies.  Read more on ARPU facts, benefits, and calculation: InsightDials METRIC FACTS.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV/LTV)

Customer Lifetime value

Customer lifetime value (CLV) or Lifetime value (LTV), represents the total amount of money a customer is expected to spend in your business, during their lifetime before they churn. A higher LTV value indicates that a customer is more valuable to the business and is likely to generate more revenue over their lifetime, while a low LTV value indicates that a customer is less valuable and may not generate as much revenue over their lifetime. Understanding the LTV of customers can help businesses make better-informed decisions about how to allocate resources for customer acquisition and retention, as well as identify which customers are most valuable and should receive more personalized treatment or offers. Read more on LTV facts, benefits, and calculation: InsightDials METRIC FACTS.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Metric Facts

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is a crucial metric that holds the key to unlocking cost-effective growth for your business. With CAC, refine your targeting to reach the most valuable customers and optimize your marketing channels to maximize return on investment. Discover the secrets to boosting your business’s growth by optimizing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Learn on how to calculate CAC, what components to include in CAC, how to attract valuable customers, streamline marketing channels, and improve conversion rates. Read more on CAC facts, benefits, and calculation: InsightDials METRIC FACTS.

Metric Facts
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