The notion has always been that data analytics and business intelligence is for large enterprises. However, the reality is that data analytics is critical to any business big and small alike. The challenges faced by all are the same, only the magnitude might be different. Hence, as much for an enterprise, data analytics is equally important for start-ups and SMBs.

Additionally, SMB’s use multiple day-to-day tools for their daily operations, for flexibility and cost effectiveness. Most of the time, data rests in these tools with limited visualization and analysis. Though there are many powerful self-service BI tools, it requires manual effort, technical knowledge and application database knowledge to connect and analyze data. All this manual effort of gathering, organizing and analyzing data increases the risk of errors. Also, costs your business both time and money. This makes the whole data analysis process a burden and often restricts small players from embracing analytics fully.

This is where pre-designed or no-code dashboards are a life-saver. Pre-designed dashboards, already have a metrics library with all the popular or commonly used metrices preloaded. They have connectors designed, which integrate with multiple transactional application data sources with ease. They also have data modelers designed, to create relationship with database tables and process raw data to visualize as graphs and metrics.

Pre-designed or no-code dashboards

InsightDials Pre-designed or no-code dashboards

InsightDials has robust data modelers that save you from complex data modelling or coding challenges to analyze your data. All the modelling and tabulation is done in the backend of our pre-designed dashboards. All you need to do is to initially connect your application to our tool and get multidimensional visualization of your metrics. This is achieved through simple, easy to understand graphs; detailed drill-down to see data at a macro level and meaningful insights to fully understand the story that your data is telling about your business. Our metrics like MRR, ARR, Lifetime Value, Customer Churn, Retention Rate, Accounts Receivable, Support SLA, Sales conversion, Unique visitors, CSAT and lots more other metrics, gives a 3600 view of your business.

Anytime, anywhere, get real-time access to your key metrics with a single click. Gone are the days when data analytics is a headache or require data scientists. With pre-designed dashboards, data analytics has become so much fun and easy.

By Liz Mathew

Founder, InsightDials

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