Your whmcs has humongous data related to your business. But are you converting it into usable information? Or is this data going wasted without giving you the right insights? Almost 80% of the data generated by small and medium businesses are going wasted. The primary reason being they do not know what or how to use this data. That is where InsightDials can help. It is all you need to perform your Whmcs analytics. To track and analyze your key performance indicators in real-time from your whmcs data.

Example of how business intelligence can help you get your KPIs easily from Whmcs

Whmcs has a very good reporting section. It has a whole bunch of reports with multiple pages of detailed information. To analyze that data you will need to move from page to page and deep dive into the report to get your pearls of insights. Furthermore, you will need to export these reports to excel, apply your formulas and calculations and thus obtain other popularly used business metrics. For example, whmcs does not provide reports on monthly recurring revenue (MRR), which is a fundamental metric for the success of your subscription business. To get this from whmcs, you will need to manually sort the various subscriptions that can be categorized as MRR, apply your complex calculations, and derive the metrics.

All this noise can be cut out and this metric can be easily achieved with a single click on your business intelligence dashboard. From a single graph, in a single glance, you can know where you stand in terms of your MRR, how much of MRR has been paid and new customers added. The graphs can be drilled down to see the macro level of data like the individual customers, their plans, their payment, and a lot of other granular information. MRR is just one among many such fundamental metrics that your business should be tracking, which you do not get handy from your whmcs. So, no more spending hours searching for the right metrics. Just open up your dashboard and everything you need is in one place and that too in real-time.

Why InsightDials

InsightDials is a no-code business intelligence tool that helps you visualize your key metrics easily and securely. We have pre-designed dashboards loaded with a metrics library, populated with hand-picked key metrics relevant to the web hosting industry. This makes analytics simple and fully automated. Along with this, simple visualization, actionable insights, and detailed drill-down are provided to get a multi-dimensional view of your data. There are dashboards for the senior leadership as well as all teams in an organization based on the function they work on (Billing, Operations, Support, Sales, Marketing, etc.). You can integrate your WHMCS into InsightDials platform and analyze, visualize and get insights on your WHMCS data. Tracking your key metrics and performing Whmcs analytics has now become so much easier.

Key Metrics tracked from WHMCS

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
  • Annual Revenue
  • Net Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Refunds
  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Customer Lifetime value (LTV)
  • Active Customers
  • Customer Churn
  • Top customer by Revenue
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Cancellation Reasons
  • CSAT
  • Monthly Ticket Volume
  • Aged Tickets
  • Support SLA
  • And many many more

By Liz Mathew

Founder, InsightDials

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