An automated billing system generates and sends invoices, as well as tracks and processes payments. This approach will benefit most organisations with a large and diverse customer base. The Firm with a wide range of products/services, and subscription or retainer payment mechanisms. Its goal is to improve efficiency by streamlining billing operations and saving time and money. Because no two automated billing systems are the same; it’s important to make sure the one you pick is right for your business. Here’s a comparison of two popular and effective web hosting billing automation applications: WHMCS Vs Blesta.

Comparison between WHMCS & Blesta

WHMCS– is the most popular all-in-one client administration, billing, and automation tool for web hosting companies. It has one of the most user-friendly automation interfaces. allowing you to save both money and time.

Blesta– It is another popular billing software. It’s an online system adopted by web hosting and game hosting companies, internet service providers, and freelancers. Clients, billing, orders, and much more are all managed through Blesta.  It is well-written and widely regarded as the most secure billing and invoicing software available.

User Friendly–  WHMCS is quite flexible and supports many well-known control panels and domain registrars; so you won’t have any problems with flexibility. Even if you’re new to the web hosting industry.

Blesta is very developer-friendly. It also contains a client management tool, which allows the programme to offer a quick summary of the customer as well as payment data. The automation is also commendable, and it is one of the reasons Blesta is giving other leading billing solutions a run for their money. 

Best used for – WHMCS send invoices to your customers in a variety of currencies. Create and suspend hosting services for your clients automatically. Create a variety of hosting tiers and packages. register, transfer, and renew the domains of the clients. Make a ticket-based assistance system available or With in-depth statistics, you can keep track of your company’s success. 

Blesta allows clients to link numerous payment ways to their accounts, as well as partial and overpayments. Automatically approve and suspend accounts. Include a ticket-handling support mechanism.

Customization– WHMCS helps in Installing add-ons to improve the platform’s functionality. One can make their own programme; also Create themes to personalise the dashboard.

In Blesta one can change the design of the dashboard, customise the colour scheme and create templates. To improve the platform’s ability, use add-ons. Using a single dashboard, one can manage different hosting companies.


Both WHMCS and Blesta have a lot of features in common. This means the company should choose the one which they are most at ease. WHMCS is a reliable platform with a strong add-on mechanism. and has a very strong community where you get email assistance 24*7. maximum integration with a lot of platforms and an active marketplace. Blesta has the most customised solutions. it will be perfect for changes because it is a developer-friendly tool. And this platform is cheaper than WHMCS. If looking for customization and pricing go for Blesta or choose WHMCS an all-around strong platform with a powerful add-on system.

By Akshita Chandak

Marketing & Finance Intern, InsightDials

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